WSSP 2009 Workshop Program

Time Paper Authors/Affiliation Title
9:30-11:00 Metrics  
9:30 abstract Rajan Patel (Invited Speaker)
Measuring the Quality of Search Result Summaries
10:00 pdf Rehan Khan, David Mease and Rajan Patel
The Impact of Result Abstracts on Task Completion Time
10:20 pdf Shanu Sushmita, Hideo Joho, Mounia Lalmas and Joemon M. Jose
(U. Glasgow)
Understanding domain ``relevance'' in web search
10:40 pdf Charles Mathis
Position Effects in Web Search Click Behavior
11:00 Coffee  
11:30-12:30 NLP, Summarization  
11:30 abstract Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Invited Speaker)
(Yahoo! Labs)
Summarizing Using Entities
11:30 pdf Omar Alonso, Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Michael Gertz
(Yahoo! Labs)
Effectiveness of Temporal Snippets
11:50 pdf Sumit Bhatia and Prasenjit Mitra
(Penn State Univ)
Synopses Generation for Specialized Document-Element Search Engines
12:10 pdf Michel Genereux
(LIPN, France)
Summarizing a Blog Search Engine Hits
12:30 Lunch  
2:30-4:00 Usability, UI  
2:30 abstract Ian Ruthven (Invited Speaker)
(U. Strathclyde, UK)
The Changing (Inter)face of Web Interaction
3:00 pdf Georg Buscher and Andreas Dengel
(DFKI, Germany, U. Kaiserslautern)
Gaze-Based Filtering of Relevant Document Segments
3:20 pdf Marian Dörk, Carey Williamson and Sheelagh Carpendale
(U. Calgary)
Towards Visual Web Search: Interactive Query Formulation and Search Result Visualization
3:40 pdf Shreeharsh Kelkar, Ajita John and Doree Duncan Seligmann
(Avaya Labs)
Visualizing Web Search Results as Conversations
4:00 Coffee  
4:30-6:00 Panel Session  
4:30 TBD Design Tradeoffs in Summary Generation and Presentation